Stonehenge Winter Solstice 2015

I haven't been to the winter Solstice at Stonehenge for 2 years so thought i should brave the cold wind and rain again but this time bring along my daughter who is doing A level photography and needed to do some documentary photography for an assignment.

After a very short journey (i only live 2 miles away) we parked up and joined the procession of travellers on the 1.5 mile jaunt up to the stones. at around 7.30 am we were all allowed in and headed to the circle which was very full by the time we got there. 

The light was obviously bad before sunrise on the longest day but i think we got a few images that recorded the morning quite nicely as for me, it's all about the people.

Please enjoy having a look through the images below, mainly shot on my Fuji XT1 camera.

David Scammell1 Comment