Milford Hall and Salisbury Registry Office with Sophie May and Chris

Just a little selection from a glorious day with so much laughter and a few tears of emotion.

Arriving at Sophie's parents home in the morning i knew this was going to be a fun day with lots of fun. Everyone seeing Sophie in her dress for the first time was quite an emotional time and a moment that had to be captured.

Zooming down to Salisbury Registry Office was nice and easy and i just like to capture everyone meeting and getting a sense for how the day will pan out. More emotions in the registry office and then some group shots in the grounds of the registry office.

It was then only a 5 minute drive to Milford Hall where all of the guests were waiting. Milford Hall is a great venue for weddings, the reception room is just light so hardly any flash needed, which makes my life a bit easier.....

It was an absolute privilege to share Sophie May and Chris's wedding day with their amazing friends and family...I do love a good fun wedding!!!  Thank you.

Just click on an image to go into the slide show and have fun while watching

David ScammellComment