Wellington Barn Wedding photography with Mel and Nick

Remember, Remember the 5th of November....Well, this was certainly a great day to remember!!!

I have been so lucky with quite a few weddings at Wellington Barn this year, some people might get bored, but not me, as although the location of Wellington Barn is the same, nothing else is..It's all about the people and the little twists that make a wedding here their own. The weather also plays a key part in how the day pans out, again we were lucky as there was no rain although the November winds and chill was certainly out there.  The staff were their usual excellent and although i have probably said it a few posts, if you really want a special day, then i can't recommend Wellington Barn enough!!

And although a little chilly, Mel went the whole day in just here wedding dress, in which she really did look amazing!!  The whole day was just lots of fun and the guest table shots were just brilliant!! Well don't to the table that bared just that little bit more (It was a competition after all!!!)..

The 5th of November wouldn't be right without some Fireworks and the display was great, well done to everyone for coming out, i think the fire pits helped quite a bit and marshmallow burning was the order of the day!!

Thank you Mel, Nick and all of your friends and family for being such good fun and making my job incredibly easy!!