St Francis Church, Salisbury and Winterslow wedding photography with Capri-Ann and Ben

What a fantastic day this was!!! I love family orientated, fun and relaxed weddings, and this was definitely one of those super weddings.

I started with a little bit of bridal prep at Wyndham park lodge, but didn't get much there there was a slight delay with the girls getting back from their make session in Salisbury. There was also a bit of careful vehicle manoeuvring with Capri-Anns car...But all went well there..

I then did a quick zoom up the road to St Francis church. Although the church is not as pleasing to the eye from the outside, what it makes up for is on the inside!!!! I have never had such a bright and airy church, it was a photographers dream, the light just seemed to come in from everywhere and it was just gorgeous. A lovely relaxed service took place and i had so many different vantage points to record everything...I hope i get to shoot there again!!


Next stop was Winterslow Village hall, the work that all of the family and friends did to transfer a hall into a beautiful wedding venue was amazing. It just goes to show that with a little thought and creativeness, then you really can have a great location anywhere... 

So much fun was had there with a fabulous spread of food, drink and just all round enjoyment.

We finished the evening off with some lovely bridal portraits and of course can't forget Ben's song with an encore and a beautiful tune by one of their friends for the first dance...It's all about the little touches that mean the most!! 

A truly special day shared with friends and family, it's days like these that make me glad that i am a wedding photographer and being chosen to record the story of their day was a real privellage...

David ScammellComment