Elle and Jess at the Moot -Salisbury

A most beautiful wedding day shared with friends and family at the Moot in Salisbury.

Saturday the 6th of August was one of my weekends that i had chosen not to shoot any weddings, it was sort of half way through the season and a good place to add a little break. That was until Elle emailed me and told me all about the amazing wedding day celebrations that she and Jess had planned, so that was it, decision made, and who needs a break from something that i just love doing!!!!!

The day was just absolutely brilliant, the weather was just glorious, actually just a bit too sunny for us photographers as we have to battle harsh shadows, but who cares about shadows when you have a setting and couple like Elle and Jess.

The ceremony was beautiful and the odd tear shared from a few in the congregation. After the ceremony it was time to start the celebrations, there seemed to be an endless supply of booze that just kept on appearing and the great idea of shared picnic hampers with the finest of local foods.  The rest of the day was just so nice, relaxed and fun was the aim of the day and i think for everyone that attended it certainly was.

I would just like to give a massive thank you to Elle and Jess for allowing me to record their day and i just hope that i have done it justice, albeit with the evil sun being out all day and taking away a certain amount of creativeness, but hopefully the images below give you a good idea of how it all went.... Certainly a wedding day that i will remember for a very long time..


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