Moonraker Hotel Weddings with Amy and Connor

Amy and Connor at the Moonraker Hotel

Wiltshire has some of the best wedding venues and here is another hidden gem from the gorgeous wedding with Amy and Connor at the Moonraker Hotel, which a grade two listed Manor house located on the outskirts of Bradford on Avon just 15 minutes from Bath Spa in the heart of Wiltshire.

The Moonraker hotel has everything located in one area for a beautiful wedding and the Staff were just great.

There were so many great moments from the day so very hard to add them all but some of my faves…

  • Amy’s wedding shoes!!! Being a PE teacher, it had to be some very fetching Nike trainers, i bet her feet didn’t ache one bit by the end of the day…

  • We had tears of emotion and laughter throughout the day and of course captured to last a life time.

  • Gorgeous and fun confetti line with Amy and Connor managing to keep their heads up (Many couples can’t manage that) and lots of smiles.

  • Having 2 videographers on the day was really quite nice and the boys were a good laugh so im looking forward to seeing the video soon.

  • Lots of great fun group shots, Volley ball was definitely impressive! 

  • The boys picking Amy up and seeing how far she could be lifted (Pretty high i think!!).

  • All of those special little details that Amy and Conor would have spent hours making, the photos and cake display were just brilliant.

  • The competitive streak….(Enough Said!!) And yes, Amy did beat Connor in the arm wrestle.

  • Roasting Marshmallows.

  • Slightly drunk guests (But not too drunk!!)

  • Some lovely time spent away with just Connor and Amy

  • And some very good dancing by all concerned.

  • Amy and Connor, thank you so much for letting me record your day, it really was just lovely!!!!

Please enjoy this very little selection (There are another 900 of these!!)

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