The Moonraker weddings with Megan and Gerard

It is nearly the end of the Summer wedding season and I am now sad!!!! It has been absolutely amazing and I have been so spoilt with such lovely people. Megan and Gerard were no exception and were just a perfect couple!!!!!

Megan and Gerard had seen me at a few weddings previously so they knew what I did and how I did it, so we were all singing off the same song sheet, and these 2 absolutely rocked being a very cool married couple…. I might have to book them for a re-run photo shoot as proper models!!!!!

So the Moonraker - This is the third time I have been here and it is just an absolutely gorgeous location, not too big, not too small and some great areas everywhere for photos but without the need to walk miles to get there.

As I got out of my car I saw Gerard who did look just a little bit nervous as he was chatting to one of friends, I then headed up to see Megan and the girls just doing the final bits before putting the dress on. I always like the prep photos as it lets everyone get used to me and we have a laugh and a giggle before the serious bit starts of walking down the isle…The reactions from Megan’s Uncles says it all…What a dress and Megan did look just Beautiful!!!!

I quickly headed down to the ceremony where a very nervous Groom was waiting, but he had good encouragement from his family and before we knew it the Bridesmaids, followed by Megan arrived and we had a lovely ceremony with some super readings and a few tears!!

The confetti line did not disappoint and neither did the group photos and of course some really good fun ones too….The rest of the day just zoomed past, another highlight was Megan’s Uncles song which was brilliant and was supported with guest vocals by Gerard. More fun, more laughter continued throughout the day and finished off with sparklers….How cool are sparklers!!!! And no one was burnt or injured which is probably a first ever…I have 2 shirts with burn marks in them from over enthusiastic (Drunk) guests.

Megan, Gerard, your family and friends, thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant day..I hope you enjoy the photos below from the final collection which will be around 1000 images (It does take a while to edit such a lot)….