Although I had heard of Wick Bottom Barn, I have never actually been there...Until Sam and Tom's gorgeous wedding.  Like a few Barns in Wiltshire, you can start the preparations a few days before hand to make it exactly how you want it.  Like the huge Mr and Mrs B and also the hay bales shaped like a husband and wife.

Wick Bottom Barn weddings

The day started with some busy Bridal Prep in the gorgeous farm buildings, which apparently on a night time is a good place to murder some one!!(Said one of the gang that morning!!!!)...Last  minute hair and make was being finished off, sewing and general getting ready set the scene very nicely and there was so much room for everyone.

wick bottom barn weddings

A quick zoom to the church allowed me to capture the guests arriving with some nervous anticipation from a few.....The service was lovely and over before we knew it, so time for my absolute favourite of the confetti line which was impressive with a good amount of petals for everyone to throw... I always recommend just grabbing a hand full as it is much easier than those little cones.

wick bottom barn weddings

Sam and Tom then jumped into the Camper van and I met them on the hill of the white horse view point for a few shots before heading down to Wick Bottom Barn. From there the day zoomed by with some very large family groups (Some big boulders came in handy here) and then in for the meal and speeches.  The Barn was quite dark down the far end, but a little pop of flash for the speeches made for some great shots.  After the meal we did a few more groups  - I loved the wedding party shots and the boys knew how to play to the camera!!!

wick bottom barn weddings

Dancing soon followed by a great band called Interlight - Highly recommended!!! and then some final shots with Sam and Tom.  We just went for a little walk and found some lovely fields - The scenery was just gorgeous and I could have stayed there for ages, but we normally limit it to 15 mins and this works well.

Sam and Tom (211 of 222).jpg

Sam and Tom, thank you for being such a super genuine couple, it was a pleasure to spend time with you, your family and friends...Please enjoy this little snap shot of your day from your final collection of around 1000 fully edited images.