I have been absolutely spoilt this wedding season, with Pippa and Will’s most gorgeous wedding in Salisbury being no exception.

When I saw Pippa’s dress in the morning I just thought WOW!!! just look at those sparkles, and then the photographer in me wondered how on earth do we take photos of a dress that changes colour and reflects so much light. Well, we had a few tricky moments but I just shot a bit darker than I normally do and then bring the exposure back during editing…Simple :) Otherwise those thick cameras would have got it all wrong and we would lose the detail in that amazing dress!!!

Will looked incredibly smart in his blue tweed suit from Regent in Salisbury (I need a suit like that!!!) so the pair of them just looked the whole package!!

The day was so much fun and chilled, Pippa and Will were just the perfect Bride and Groom and made my job so easy.

So much work and attention to detail by Pippa (Who made all of the flowers!!) and the decorating of the hall with so many personal touches, really made the whole day come to life.

Pippa and Will, thank you for choosing me to record your beautiful day, I just hope I did it justice with this little selection from so many many more images from your day.

Thank you


David Scammell4 Comments