Hester and Rhys at the Manor Barn, Winterbourne Stoke

The Manor Barn Wedding Photography

Another beautiful wedding with so many lovely people! I have known Rhys for some time, so when he got in touch last year I knew it would be a fun wedding.  Hester and Rhys are such a genuine lovely couple, they made my job sooooo easy throughout the day and their family and friends just added to the fun and pleasure of recording such a day.

Bridal prep was near Salisbury, where I was greeted by Hester's Dad's VW Camper (Also doubled as a sweet dispenser and Bridal vehicle).  Hester was having the final touches to her makeup and the Bridesmaids just doing what they do (Messing about and laughing mostly!!) which is a perfect start to the day.

Once I had spent a bit of time there, it was time to head to the church.  Larkhill church is huge! and quite splendid in it's magnificence and so much light...I love light! Rhys was doing his best not to look too nervous, and was doing a good job.  There might have been a little bit of nervous anticipation as the girls walked up the isle (I always tell everyone to walk up the isle with purpose, look up, smile and enjoy it) They all did so well!!!

Service complete with some great readings, it was then time for some confetti and head to the Manor Barn in Winterbourne Stoke.  I just love this venue as there is so much room outside for all of the guests to chat and laugh.  Pippa was on hand as always with a huge smile and keeping a watchful eye on events to make sure everything went to plan.  We hit some traditional family groups followed by some very fun friend groups, making use of the VW and then over to the grassed area for a vouge cover shoot!!! 5 second challenges were accepted for some great and different options.

Moving onto the speeches....Well, this is the first time i have seen such preparations and use of props by the Father of the bride....Oh so much fun as we relived Hesters life in masks...after the speeches it was time for more messing about and then time for some dancing...This is when the party really started, such great moves on that dance floor and the vintage photo booth was just great, giving me some more options for some great side line shots.  I need one of those contraptions!!! Such a beautiful piece of work and it also takes great photos!!! What is not to love!!!! 

Hester and Rhys, thank you for being such a wonderful couple, you were just super and made my life so easy, it was a pleasure and privilege to spend time with you, your family and friends.....Thank you

Please enjoy looking through the day as it unfolds.