Sherston Weddings with Charlotte and David

Charlotte and David - A Beautiful Wiltshire Country Wedding.  4th August 2018 in 


Emotional - Fun - Enjoyable and of course Beautiful!!


That pretty much sums up this gorgeous day in the village of Sherston in Wiltshire.  When Charlotte initially enquired about me to photograph their day she requested a non intrusive, naturalistic style for a full days shoot. And that's pretty much what i delivered - less for a few groups and our quiet time together (well sort of quiet!!)....

So the day it's self...Emotional! Even for a hardened wedding photographer who has seen lots and been on military operations all over the world, i still had the occasional lump in my throat as the emotions of the day unfolded.

As i arrived for some Bridal preparations, Charlotte was just having the finishing touches to her hair and one of the Bridesmaids was doing her nails (Perfect Brides maid's!!!)  There was an interesting dress moment with an article of clothing (Charlotte's face captured her surprise).  

Wiltshire wedding photographer


Emotional moment number then occurred when Charlotte came down stairs wearing her dress (Lots of hugs!!).  

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I then headed off to the church which was not too far away.  Fortunately there were no other weddings happening at the church which meant Charlotte could be traditionally late (It is her day!!).

David was waiting patiently, hiding his nerves quite well, but in the end Charlotte did arrive in style (I loved that car). Some last minute words of encouragement from those amazing Brides maids again and then we were ready to go.  Charlotte looked like a princess as she walked down the isle with her Dad (I quite like the veil over the face as it adds that bit of a traditional touch.  

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The ceremony was completed with some fine readings (More emotions) and then it was time for the formal signing.  Que even more emotions, Great Big hugs with Dad and Brother - There is one shot which captures the tear while hugging her brother and a reassuring hand from one of the Brides Maids..... This was a special real and raw moment that had to be captured even though it was incredibly moving!!

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The ceremony finished and then Charlotte and David went outside to place some flowers on her Mother's grave - I kept my distance for this incredibly sensitive moment which of course must be recorded but with humility and compassion.  (I wasn't sure how many more of these moments I could cope with, let alone Charlotte and David!!!!).

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Charlotte composed her self again ready for some confetti and meeting the guests, I like to get in close during this bit to really capture the day.  There were so many special personal touches in the hall and the marquee looked brilliant.  One of Charlotte's friends entertained with some beautiful singing (She also sung in the church and her voice was that good i thought it was a recording!!!).... I found the only area of shade round the back of the hall for some groups (Some very big) and then it was in for the meal.  I was very kindly given a place on a table which is always lovely to chat to the other guests, but didn't sit down for too long as there is always something to record.  After the bouncy castle 'Pile on' it was time for speeches....Very emotional again, with not many dry eyes around the room.  But it was balanced nicely with lots of smiles and laughter - The Best Men's speech was very funny and it is always nice to hear more about the Bride and Groom.


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To finish off the evening we cut the cake, had the first dance and more dancing from everyone else.  After a bit more dancing we escaped for some quiet photos down to the the cliff with our trusty assistants and that was just an absolute giggle, avoiding cow pats, trying to get over fences, laughing lots and generally having a nice time...Oh we also got some great photos too.  A big well done must go out to Hayles the glamorous light holder who nearly got stuck on barbed wire on more than one occasion and Heather for being such a great dress fluffer.


And then that was it....We got back to the hall with some guests doing some singing and it was then time for me to head back home.  Charlotte and David, thank you so much for being such a great couple.  You have such lovely family and friends who made me incredibly welcome, it was an absolute blast and privilege to be part of your day.  I hope you enjoy this little collection - with your main gallery of well over 1000 photos. 

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