Whiteparish Wedding Photography

The Winter Wedding of Catherine and Tom in Whiteparish, Salisbury

2019 was kicked off with an absolutely brilliant wedding. Choosing a Winter wedding can be quite a risky plan as you really just don’t know if it will rain, snow, hail or all of it. But on this magnificent day it was a photographers favourite….Overcast!!!!!! And actually not even that cold, so someone was looking down on Catherine and Tom. Which might be something to do with Catherines Mum, as I have seen her around 3 or 4 times performing the services of other couples at the church. But anyway, the day it’s self was very relaxed, from the bridal prep in the beautiful big house with Christmas decorations still up, the tree, cards and golden angels everywhere…It really set the scene for the rest of the day.

The whole day ran like clock work, with the only constraint being the lack of daylight, so once the service was complete (Some excellent readings and singing by all) we had to shoot the groups inside and get outside before we lost all of the light, each minute it was getting darker and darker, but we managed to do everything we needed to. One of the best parts of the day was the sparkler send off from the church - This worked really well, as its always better that no one was drunk and not too dark but my camera setting were on the brink of capturing things quick enough with the now disappeared light.

The village hall had been loving converted into the most splendid of elegant rooms, there was so much work involved here but absolutely worked well. The ambiance was perfect and I had to do some quick work with some flash as it was definitely a low light shoot. But every room I walk into is like a lighting problem to solve :)……

The band were great and got everyone up and dancing from the minute they started until they finished their first set (I left after the first set around 10pm) and I expect it just got better and better after that (Or messier) which is why photographers usually leave before it gets too crazy and some times people don’t need or want to be recorded strutting their stuff on the dance floor.

Catherine and Tom, thank you both so much for being just so super chilled on the day and allowing me to get on with what I do best and leaving you to enjoy your beautiful day with your lovely family and friends.

Please enjoy this very small selection from the finished collection of over 1000 images.

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