Barford Park Barn Wedding Photography

Barford Barn weddings (1 of 1)-9.jpg

OMG….What a wonderful day, filled with laughter and happiness. This will be a wedding that I remember for a very very long time and for so many reasons - But mainly for the emotions, big roaring belly laughs, smiles, the odd tear of emotion, but mainly the laughter and simple enjoyment of such a gorgeous wedding day.

Barford Park Barn weddings

I knew this wedding was going to be fun when we met up for our pre shoot - We all hit it off well, so being relaxed was not an issue for Clare and Darren. And of course, lots and lots of laughter!!!

So, on the day of the wedding I arrived for some Bridal prep which is always good to meet everyone first, and of course there was lots of laughter and general happiness throughout the household. Once we got a few shots in the bag to set the scene I zoomed off to the Church with Clare’s Mum who gave me a good run down on everything else and also about the choir.

The vicar was lovely and didn’t mind what I did, but I am always discreet and keep myself out of the way. The girls arrived in a very cool VW Camper, with Clare and her Dad arriving in style in a gorgeous open top Alvis (Not sure which one though!!) But their friend had been restoring it for some time (Such a great job!!!).

The Ceremony zoomed along like clockwork, even with some escaping rings and some more laughter…Then came some emotions of Sia doing a reading (Clare trying her hardest not to cry) and then a few more tears during the signing of the register with some ‘Magic’ from the choir.

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It was then zoom out for some confetti action - I always deliver a brief to everyone, just so we know what to do and that’s why it always works well….We then did some family groups and headed to Barford Park but I needed to get a couple of shots of Clare and Darren as they drove down the line of trees.

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At Barford it was more fun, enjoyment and chilling, with everyone just enjoying the relaxed vibe. We did some BIG family photos which were an absolute riot of fun with my 5 second challenge and 3 bonkers photos.

I was lucky enough to be on a table (Thank you the Welsh table) and it was great to be welcomed into the spirit of the day, it lets me get in close with everyone and everyone relaxes around the camera. For was amazing, and so much of it - we then had the speeches - more laughter and some tears (Quite a few in fact) - The speeches finish the story of who the couple are and those that are close to them. Everyone had a speech including Clare (Such a great poem) and Daniel delivered some words of wisdom and some secrets of the Ozone Layer!!!

Barford Park Barn weddings

Then we had some dancing, a bit of quiet time in the field with just Clare and Darren for some photos, giggles and contemplation. A bit more dancing after the photos and then it was 10pm and time for me to head off. Clare, Darren, Daniel and Sia, you are a wonderful team, surrounded and supported by amazing friends and family - Thank you all so much for adopting me for a day and making me so welcome - it was a privellage to be part of your day.