Widbrook Grange weddings with Naomi and Nat

Widbrook Grange weddings

2019 wedding couples, I thank you!! And Naomi and Nat - A massive thank you!!! What an absolutely gorgeous day and the hottest day in the UK for quite a few years!!! I wish I bought my shorts as there was a few very warm moments throughout the day.

So, where do we start.  Well, Naomi is also a wedding photographer so I knew how much of a hard decision it was to find a photographer she liked and one who would be able to live up to her expectations for the day.  Wedding photographers are funny souls and we like things just so and being able to capture moments as they happen is some times skill, other times a bit of luck but mainly intuition on where to stand, the light, what to look out for and most of all capturing the raw image and the emotion.  I digress, but ultimately it was a huge privilege to be chosen by Naomi and Nat to record their very special day.

We started the day with some bridal prep, which was great as Naomi and Nat were getting ready at Widbrook Grange, I think Nat had the cooler of the rooms though!  With the ceremony at 3.30 pm you don’t actually much time for just hanging around and taking lots of candids after the ceremony as it is quickly in for some dinner.  But I will reverse slightly….Once everyone was ready it was time for the ceremony in what can be described as quite a warm room!!!! But it was lovely and I think everyone was quite happy to leave and get some fresh air.

Widbrook Grange weddings

Confetti quickly followed and then time for some nibbles and a drink (Some much stronger than others!) we managed a few groups before we went in for the wedding breakfast with Alex Krupa entertaining everyone with his brilliant music.  The speeches were quite an emotional time with a few tears shed at various times (I like tears of happy emotions).  We then left the main room, had a bit of time for a few more groups an then it was straight into some dancing.  We quickly whisked off for 15 mins for some bridal portraits and then it was 10pm and time for me to go.  

Such a great day and I just love Widbrook Brange as it is just so quirky and an ideal venue for a more intimate wedding and the staff were always on hand to make sure the day ran smoothly. Naomi and Nat, thank you so much for just being you! Everything about your day was real and shared with those who matter most for both of you.

I hope I managed to do your very special day justice with the small collection below.  The final wedding collection will probably be around 1000 images!!!!