Lakeview Manor weddings with Laura and Tom

Lakeview Manor Weddings

Oh I just love a damned good wedding and Tom and Laura’s was just soooooooo Good!!!

Tom and Laura first saw me at Emma and Steve’s wedding and Emma saw at Lizzie’s wedding where she heard of me from Tom. In between those weddings I have shot another 2 or 3 from other friends and family, so the whole referral thing works well, so I must be doing something right at these weddings!

I’m not going to waffle on much for Tom and Laura’s gorgeous Lakeview wedding because the photos speak from them selves but some key highlights are:

Ladies wearing Hats! I love it,

So much colour in those dresses! and the boys looking very smart!

Well behaved children (it’s good to see!!!)

Lakeview Manor - Just a gorgeous wedding location, it’s a shame it is outside of my usual area of Wiltshire but I would certainly travel there again!!

Well behaved wedding guests (Even nicer to see!)

Blocking off the road for the confetti line!

Dogs! And their owners (Poodle man) and the flying dog in the big group shot!

Relaxed and Fun with a real family atmosphere.

Laura and Tom - You 2 take seriously good photos - You really did just rock the whole day!

Bridesmaids - Good fun and ready so early! Check out the photos of just the of them doing their spinning!

The Just married wedding car as Tom and Laura left Lakeview Manor. Such effort and thought had gone into this creation.

Ultimately this was just a super day and it’s always so nice to see the people from previous weddings and previous couples…Thank you Emma and Steve and now I look forward to seeing you all again at the next wedding.

Please enjoy the photos below and I think the final wedding collection will have over 1000 wedding photos.

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