Here is a selection of frequently asked questions and some other info bits.

1. Are you available on our date? - Just send me the contact form and i will get right back to you.

2. Do you do any discounts for getting married in off-peak season? - Yes i do offer discounts, just get in touch.

3. Are you insured? - Absolutely...Full public liability and indemnity and all of my equipment is fully insured.

4. Do you work from a shot list and will I be able to give you a list of specific shots we would like? - I work to what you would like, but mainly i just record the day as it happens, the only shot list i normally have is for the groups. Everything else is a given that it will be recorded.

5. Do you shoot mostly in black and white or colour? - I shoot everything in colour and then certain images i will turn black and white...Some images just scream to be black and white!!! Normally images with high contrast of lights and darks.

6. Will you help me with my time line for photos for the wedding day? - Yes we chat through everything and i can offer advice on best times, but ultimately, it is your day.

7. What will we do if it rains? - Get creative!!! Umbrellas and use the inside of the venue or church.

8. Do you work with a second photographer? - I used to, but people book me for who i am and the way i shoot.

9. Do you offer an engagement shoot as part of the package? - I call this a pre shoot, and is basically a rehearsal for our 15 min escape and a chance for you to get used to me and having your photos taken to relax a bit more.

10. Do you allow guests to take photos while you are? Yes, there is no problem and the more photos you have the better. But if they follow me about all day over my shoulder it does get a little annoying...

11. Have you worked at our wedding venue before? If not, will you visit beforehand? I find that i don't need to visit a venue before hand as everything changes and for me, it's all about the light within a location.

12. How would you describe your photography style? - Documentary with a creative twist and when we do our quiet time i create some fine art images to adorn your walls.

13. How do you make us feel relaxed in front of the camera? - By getting to know you, and you getting to know me. We have some fun and there is never any pressure. Our pre shoot ensures you are relaxed and comfortable around me.. 

14. What information do you need from us before the wedding? - I send out a planner which is all about timings and locations, everything else just happens.

15. What time will you arrive at the venue? - If bridal prep is requested i shoot around one hour, and then will be at the ceremony location half an hour before the ceremony to capture the guests arriving.

16. Do we need to provide you with food? I never expect food but shooting a 10 hour wedding can be a little tiring and i would need a break to have something to eat. Normally couples provide me with a meal and i eat this very quickly around the same time as everyone else. No one wants photos of people eating and guests feel uncomfortable.

17. What time will you stay until?  I will usually stay for around 1 hour after the first dance, this is about the right balance of capturing more dancing and people enjoying them selves. After 9pm some guests might not want photos of them enjoying things just a bit too much... 

18. What is your backup plan if you can’t attend on the day? I will always attend and the only reason that i couldn't would be if i was in hospital...I have a network of other photographers and also a member of the short notice shoot group for that last minute emergency...But no matter what, someone would be there if i couldn't (But never happened so far but there is always a plan B)

19. Do you have backup equipment in case your equipment fails? - Yes, i bring 2 of everything on the day and actually shoot with 2 cameras, so if something happened to one camera, the other is ready to go in 3 seconds. Do you back up your files online just in case of a fire? - Yes, once your photos are finished they are uploaded to an online server.

20. Do you bring your own lighting? Yes - I have my small flashes attached to my cameras. i also bring along a bigger flash kit i use for groups and portraits. I also have various other lighting kits that come along so we are covered for all eventualities. 

21. Do you shoot natural light or artificial light? Or both? - I prefer to use natural light for as much as possible. In the ceremony i never use flash, for other times during the day i might need a pop of flash to help as sometimes venues are very dark.

22. What wedding packages do you offer and what are the prices and what’s included? Just get in touch, my main package for peak season for bridal prep to first dance and beyond is £1350, this includes the pre shoot and no limit on how many images you receive. I offer discounts for short duration weddings and different venues.

23. Are there any additional charges that apply due to our venue location? The only extra would be if your wedding is quite some distance away.

24. Will we receive digital copies of all images? - Yes, i provide you everything, less for blurred, back of a head or just a bad shot. Normally couples receive around 700-850 images, all hi resolution, fully edited and colour corrected.  

25. How many images will we receive from the wedding? - As above, but anything from 700-850 or 900

26. What rights do we get to the photos for personal use? You can use the images for what ever you want with full print rights.

27. Will you use our images in any advertising? Possibly, but i will only use images that you are happy with.

28. Do you offer a printing and/or album service? I offer a print package and also offer a discount on Albums which i receive from the company and i pass straight to you.

29. Can I see pictures of what your album options look like?  - I have album examples at home.

30. Do you do wall canvas photos as an option? - This is an option and i know a very good company for these.

31. Can we create a bespoke package? - Yes, just let me know what you want.

32. How long will the pictures take to arrive? - I try and deliver within 4 weeks, but in peak season it might take upto 5 weeks, the images you receive the longer it will take to edit.

33. What is your booking process? - Once we have had a chat and you decide to book me, then a deposit of £250 secures me, i send over a contract and invoice. Thats pretty much it.

34. How much is the deposit and when is this payable? £250 deposit and the remainder around 1 week prior to the wedding date.

35. What’s your cancellation policy? - This info is in my contract.

36. When will we need to make the final payment? 1 week before the wedding.