A guest took this shot, i don't normally end up on the other side of the camera!!!

Everyone else will try and get the same photograph as me, but they can't!!!!!! My lighting kit and other equipment that i use are the reasons why you book me......

Just me at work during the group shots

Bored of all the usual group shots, nothing artistic and quite dull!!??? Well, i just love to capture the groups with beautiful classic lighting using specialist flash, but also have lots of fun with the groups too!!! The best thing is that i just never know what people will do, they just need a little bit of encouragement!!!

My Style

  • Describe my style? Reportage, documentary, photojournalist, fine art...But there is so much more to being a wedding photographer than just documenting the day.

  • Portrait photographer:   I'm a people person I love to capture the interaction and the real person in front of the camera, so portrait photographer should be in the list.

  • Fashion Photographer:   When i get to use my lights outside for dramatic lighting it is like a mini fashion shoot so throw fashion photographer into the pot too!!

  • Sports photographer:   Throwing the bouquet, moving quickly from one area to another, the confetti shot, the dancing, children running...Better add sports photographer in there too.

  • Event photographer:   When i set up my light kit for the groups, table shoots and of course the 5 second challenge then i need to be quick but have the lighting exact, so its like having a photo booth but much much better...

  • Landscape Photographer:  There are quite a few times during the day when we need big wide shots of the venue or the church and of course bride and groom quiet time so looking for the right location, lighting and making sure i have a bride and groom in the shot also helps so definitely add landscapes into the bag.

  • Then add some creative twists either in camera or after the wedding when i get to create beautiful pieces of art. The editing is one of my favourite things ever!! The morning after a shoot I'm like a child at christmas and can't wait to upload all of your images onto the computer.  


  • I then spend hours if not days editing your images to then produce a beautiful collection just for you, thats what gives me the kick...Seeing a brides face as she opens her album for the first time and turns each page is just an immensely proud moment.

  • As a Wiltshire Wedding Photographer, it's a good job that i genuinely love weddings!!! I like the fact that every wedding is different and it's the people that make each day so diverse. It doesn't matter where your wedding is held, it's all about the celebration, you, your family and friends.  

  • It's my job to get to know you and find out what makes you tick, what makes your special day unique and perfect so i can then tell the story of your day through pictures.

  • As a photographer i've developed my own style but what really makes me happy is when couples bring their own great ideas to the table and together we turn it all into photographs that everybody loves!

When not shooting weddings i like to get out and be creative with flash photography, I then use these creative sessions in my wedding photography...I always try to push myself to give you the best experience possible. 

A bit about me? I live in the lovely village of Shrewton just 2 miles away from Stonehenge, married to my super wife Emma and have 3 children but are getting a lot older so don't need me that much apart from Dad taxi and cash point assistance!!!

I have dabbled in photography most of my life and shot my first wedding in 2004, since then i have told the story of many weddings and very happy couples.  

I like to be creative and appreciate art, although i won't pretend to know lots about art, i just like it!!! And if it provokes thought and interest then it's even better.... 

My stuff: Unless you like photography kit then skip this bit!!!

  • I shoot with 2 Nikon cameras with my 2 most favourite lenses the 35mm 1.4 and the 85mm 1.4.  For really wide work i use the beast - 14-24mm 2.8 and some times i will get my faithful 80-200mm lens.  Both cameras have a Nikon SB910 and i use various light modifiers depending on the situation (ring flash is my fave).

  • For my dramatic lighting i use and Elinchrom Quadra flash kit, now i just LOVE this....... This flash kit makes the difference of an ok image to an OMG that is amazing image!!!

  • OK boring bit finished for non geeky camera people!!! 

OK boring bit finished for non geeky camera people!!! 

Why do people book me? Hopefully the words below from Sally and Bob will tell you why.

We booked you mainly because we liked your 'documentary' style photography and your website had lots of great un-posed photographs which really captured the moment. You seem to have a good knack for hitting the button at the right time and get some great facial expressions! The price was of course extremely reasonable and we clearly got on well when we met you.

A very Proud Grandfather lost in thought.

 I capture the moments that happen naturally in your day, come rain or shine i will be there to tell your story.

I capture the moments that happen naturally in your day, come rain or shine i will be there to tell your story.



I tell the story of your day, as it happens, with no interruptions.

 I wait, watch and shoot, waiting for the exact moment to to press the magic button. I love to capture the emotion of your day.

I wait, watch and shoot, waiting for the exact moment to to press the magic button. I love to capture the emotion of your day.