Heather and Stew - Alton House and Bonhams Barn wedding photography


Wow - I really have been spoilt so far this wedding season - Heather and Stew, you are quite simply lovely people and all of your friends and family are also just as lovely.  This really was a wedding of close family and friends who just enjoyed them selves the whole day though, I loved every minute spent with you, so thank you very much.

Heather and Stew found me from being guests at 2 previous weddings that I had the pleasure of recording, so they knew how I worked.  Unobtrusive, relaxed but fun wedding photography.  Apart from groups and our escape then generally no one knows that I'm there apart from the occasional click or pop of flash every now and again.

Every one was up for so much fun and hopefully the photos will give you an essence of the day from the picturesque outside ceremony of Alton House to the reception at Bonhams Barn. 

I would also like to thank the staff at Bonhams as you were equally lovely...So to round the day off I wold definitely say it was just LOVELY!!! FACT!!

The images below are just a small selection from around 1000 images that Heather and Stew will receive in their final wedding collection.

Bonhams Barn web site: http://bonhamsbarn.com

Alton House https://altonhousehotel.com